Receive your invoices online for 0 €!

Wihuri Metro-tukku and Apix Messaging offer free received e-invoices to customers of Metro-tukku until 30.6.2021.

Delivering invoices as e-invoices (verkkolasku) is a reliable and monitored way to receive and send invoices. The invoices arrive safely and in time.

Handing invoices in electric format is easy, saves working time and offers a lot of possibilities to develop one´s business. 

Metro-tukku and Apix Messaging offer free received e-invoices to the customers of Metro-tukku. The offer applies to e-invoices received into APIX Laskumappi, and to the companies that are not yet registered into Apix. The offer ends 30.6.2021.

Why should you get your invoices as e-invoices?

The sent e-invoice arrives almost instantly, so the invoice due date and the remaining payment time are no surprises to the invoice recipient.

The e-invoice delivery is reliable. The delivery path from the sender to the recipient is monitored, which for instance for PDF-invoices sent vie email is not. The emailed PDF-invoices may get lost on the way or among other emails in the recipient´s inbox.

e-invoices stay organized and safely stored. The full and exact information on the e-invoice can be brought into the recipient`s invoice handling program or other services, so the invoice data can be used to develop the company operations.

Start receiving invoices online now! Read more and use the offer here.